Implementation (WP1-WP10)

Workpackage 1

The overall objective is to provide the background and support the design of the
STEPS programme in order to meet labour market and society’s need and expectations

Workpackage 2

According to the target groups and the needs analysis, the scientific background and the experience of the partners, the courses will be organized in two groups.

Workpackage 3

The objective of the seminars and lectures is to improve the capacity of scientific staff of the partner countries HEIs, by transferring/exchanging knowledge.

Workpackage 4

The objective of the WP: To develop and harmonize the content of
the STEPS courses.

Workpackage 5

The aim is to build the capacity of laboratories of partner countries HEIs: ICT-centers, Advanced instrumentation.

Workpackage 6

Wp 6 objective is the accreditation of the steps programme in western
Balkan countries involved in the project.

Workpackage 7

The implementation of the STEPS programme is the result of all the
previous tasks of the project.

Workpackage 8

Standardisation of processes regarding quality evaluation of STEPs

Workpackage 9

A project is sustainable when it continues to deliver benefits to the project beneficiaries and/or other constituencies.

Workpackage 10

Setting up PMT, SC, IQAT and EQAT. Delegate leading role for tasks and work packages.