PREP1.1 Assessment and analysis of stakeholders’ needs
PREP1.2 Research on STEPS relevant programmes
PREP1.3 Review and analysis of best practices
PREP1.4 Development of mechanisms for continuousstakeholders input

D2.1 Design of STEPS structure and courses
D2.2 Selection of faculty staff and organization of working groups
D2.3 Organization of study visit 
D2.4 Design of STEPS courses

D3.1 Assessment of training needs
D3.2 Organisation of seminars and lectures
D3.3 Continuous support and improvement of scientific background and teaching capacity of scientific staff

D4.1 Development of LMS platform
D4.2 Development and harmonization of STEPS courses
D4.3 Conversion and digitisation of educational material

D5.1 Development of teaching/learning environment
D5.2 Development of research labs
D5.3 Development of experiments/simulations and training material

D6.1 Preparation of the application of STEPS programme for accreditation

D7.1 Development of STEPS programme plan
D7.2 STEPS programme delivery

QP8.1 Organization of internal and external quality teams and development of the quality plan
QP8.2 Quality monitoring and evaluation
QP8.3 External evaluation

DISS9.1 Development of dissemination/exploitation strategy
DISS9.2 Web site development
DISS9.3 Development of social media profiles and dissemination material
DISS9.4 Organisation of workshops

DISS9.5 Organisation of laboratory demonstrations
DISS9.6 Career offices development/enhancement
DISS9.7 Dissemination/exploitation reports

MNG10.1 Establishment of management team and working Groups (Grant Agreement)
MNG10.2 Development of internal communication platform
MNG10.3 Coordination and management. (Annual progress reports)
MNG10.4 Organization of project meetings